Transport, Warehousing & Logistics, all in one place.

Group Kangaroo are the centralized point of transport – we help our partners hop into new distributing avenues, skip the inefficiencies in logistics and supply chain management and jump into their growth potential.

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About Us

Welcome to Group Kangaroo – where we provide everything transport under one roof – and that roof covers over 100,000 square feet of comfortable storage space. We love all businesses and their ventures, so this roof has capabilities for industries with items that need to be carefully managed, small to enormously sized inventory, and service and prices that suit you. That’s how we can cut the slack and allow you the best chances to grow into your potential.

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What our clients say

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“They did amazing work for us”

Great customer service! Anthony really goes above and beyond for his clients. Highly recommend!!

Navid Tolooei
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