Powerful logistics from Group Kangaroo can reduce the duration of your processes, improve your supply chain, and reduce your overall costs – all while improving productivity and satisfying more customers.

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About the service

Effective logistics requires a thorough understanding of your processes with expert management skills. Our logistics services position your business in the center of our established network for a proven increase in productivity and performance.

  • 24 hour customer service
  • Freight brokering
  • Container services

What's included in this service?

This service analyzes your business requirements and current logistics and supply chain. We then use our industry expertise to optimize your logistics and develop a solution that connects the parts of your supply chain, streamlining your process and maximizing performance.

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What our clients say about our firm

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“Impeccable service

“Impeccable service! Fast, efficient and professional carrier. Highly recommended!”

Nicolas Gaby
Montreal, Quebec
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